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Q & A

Q. Is all accreditation the same?

A. No. All accreditation is not the same. Accreditation has many purposes . There are several groups who accredit for different reasons. ACPBCI helps bible schools and colleges obtain worthwhile accreditation that is not government affiliated.

Q. Is the size of the school a requirement before a school can be a member of ACPBCI?

A. No. at ACPBCI we realizes that "one can chase one thousand and two can chase ten thousand" some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the world started with only one person vision. We will not judge your vision as to produce effective qualitative education of high standard, growth and development is our mission and Size is not the final word in accreditation

Q. How important is a library and its holdings before we can become accredited?

A. ACPBCI encourages small school/colleges to have a library but we also encourage that you use large public libraries to enhance your knowledge and cost effective.

Q. Is it necessary to go through the rigor of accreditation.

A One of the first questions a prospective student would asks is, “Are you accredited?” and we do not see it as rigor but a process

Q. Does accreditation make the school “above the law of the land?”

Q. Member schools should know what their state/country law requires to operate a bible school and be in compliance

Privacy Policy

Our members will not discriminate because of race, color sex or age or dissability

Our members personal information is in strict confidence. We do not sell, rent, or trade our mailing list. 


We are a Ministry with a purpose and we do not exist to pursue financial gains. We serve religious colleges who want to better equip their church congregation and Christian Ministry with Biblical Education in a financially prudent manner without resorting to loans.

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